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What is Common Sense Americans?

We want to put an end to the gun death epidemic in America. We are the only organization to advocate for the repeal of the Second Amendment and a nationwide gun ban.

What do you have against the Second Amendment?

It creates a culture that kills Americans. It makes it incredibly easy for people to kill other people or themselves with guns, and the Second Amendment is what makes that all possible.

Many Americans don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods, schools, churches, or concerts because of the looming threat of gun violence. We believe people should feel safe in America, and we need to ban guns to make that happen.

What about hunting?

Hunting is an American pastime and must remain a part of our culture. Hunting rifles should stay, and we’ll have to figure out how to better regulate those weapons, but we definitely don’t need a whole Constitutional Amendment protecting the right to own a hunting rifle.

“No, people kill people.”

Don’t bore us with semantics. The point is: more guns in an area means more people dead from firearms.

We will NEVER repeal the Second Amendment.

“A black man will never be president.” “Women will never vote.” "We will never outlaw guns.” You can cower away and naysay, or you can stand on the right side of history.

We repealed an Amendment so that we could drink beer. We can repeal an Amendment to stop killing kids and cops.

Common Sense Americans believe you should stand up for the right thing, even if it will be challenging.

Why not fight for better gun control laws?

Because no other law could stop the gun epidemic. Better background checks will not prevent dead cops. Banning automatic weapons won’t stop school shootings.

A majority (82%) of guns used in mass murders were purchased legally, according to a database compiled by Mother Jones.

The unfortunate reality is that as long as guns exist, people will use them to kill each other and themselves. Gun control half-measures will not stop that.

What about the guns already out there?

We should think about how to take those away, but first we need to take away the dumb Amendment protecting them.

Here are three ideas worth consideration:

  1. Gun buyback programs have been successful in many countries, recently in Australia.

  2. Compile a database of every registered gun owner and what firearms she or he owns. Take away all non-hunting rifles.

  3. Very strict punishments for anyone caught with an unauthorized weapons. Anyone trying to keep an illegal, secret firearm is not worth trusting, and is a danger to his fellow Americans. If caught with an unlicensed weapon, you belong in jail for a long time.

But Bad People will still be able to get access to guns on the black market.

A gun on the black market would cost tens of thousands of dollars, plus you’d have to know the right people. That is a huge barrier to entry. Making guns illegal would remove them from a vast majority of the bad people we don’t want toting a gun.

What are your thoughts on the gun lobby?

The gun lobby is run by political extremists and conmen. They are arms dealers who exacerbate a deadly epidemic so they can turn a profit.

To be clear, NRA members are not our enemy. Gun owners are generally good people who have been sold a dangerous idea by very bad people.

Aren’t most gun owners good?

Absolutely! But one bad apple spoils the bunch. Put it this way: if my kid hit another kid with a stick, I don’t blame the stick, but I still take it away.

Isn’t this a mental health problem?

A.) It’s a factor, for sure. But every country has mental illness, and only America is suffering so badly from the gun epidemic.

Michael Stone, a Columbia University psychiatrist who maintains a database of mass shooters, wrote in a recent analysis that only 22% of killers had mental illnesses. The biggest risk is white males, not the mentally ill.

B.) The gun lobby has successfully blocked the Center of Disease Control from doing any diagnostic research on the gun epidemic. It’s ironic that they often claim it is a mental health issue, when they are the very reason we can’t get better insight into this.

Wouldn’t we be safer if more people had guns?

No one actually buys that garbage. Plain and simple: more guns in an area = higher rate of gun deaths, 100% of the time.

Developed countries with more guns generally have more homicide; states within the US with more guns have more homicide. (source: Harvard Injury Control Research Center)

But how will I defend my family?

Your family is more likely to kill themselves or you with your own gun than they are to die at the hands of a home intruder, so not owning a gun is better for your family’s safety.

Plus: home security systems are more effective than guns at securing your home.

What about shooting ranges?

Hey, even we can admit that shooting guns is exhilarating and fun. Shooting ranges will stay, but the dumb gun laws will not.

What does CSA actually do?

We’re in the nascent (and fun) stages of growth, so honestly, we’re still figuring that out. What would you like us to do? We’d love to hear from you.